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Abandoned Renaissance Village.  Music for the PC game “G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles:  Phantom of the Renaissance Faire,” produced by Aisle 5 Games.  Mysterious, evolving, with solo cello and orchestra.

Classical StringsConcert music for strings.


Quiet DiscoveryIntrospective music for piano, cello, and harp. 

Written for the film “Frame by Frame.”

Dreamy HeadscapeDreamy, meditative music with African percussion and processed guitar.


CreepyScaryCreepy atmospheric music; loopable.

Chillin’ Acoustic GuitarRelaxed acoustic guitar.

laid back grooves

Kickin’ BackA low-key, blues-tinged acoustic guitar with electric piano and soft drums.

Mellow FellowAcoustic guitars with cool, laid back groove and djembe. 

Slightly country feel.


Sad and WistfulSad, nostalgic piano with subdued drums and bass.

Heroic / epic:

sad to happy

Blue to BlissThis cue from “Saidi’s Song” follows the arc of the scene from depression to triumph.  Soprano sax with strings and acoustic guitar.

Poeta.   A slow, sweeping heroic theme for the Xbox game Advent Rising.  Written in collaboration with Tommy Tallarico Studios.

Epic Quest.  Orchestral work.  Moving from quietly suspenseful to epic; with choir, orchestra and heavy percussion.


Decerto.  High intensity, orchestral battle music, with male choir.

Hellion in the CityOrchestral; music for wreaking havoc.

Hot Pursuit.   Orchestral; percussion-driven action music.

Hunt Through City StreetsHard-edged, driving music that evolves into suspense, with synthetic elements and orchestra.

Layer 1Low-intensity action music; loopable.

Layers 1 and 2Same loop as above, with additional layers of percussive elements for a high intensity effect; one minute with 12 seconds of repeat.


High AnxietyVideo format. This video clips shows the scene in “Saidi’s Song” for which this music was written.  High anxiety and apprehension.  To hear the music only, click here.

Dread, then a Quickened Pulse.  Eerie tension followed by energized suspense to the end.

Under Pressure.  A feeling of anxiousness, building to a climax.

Slick SubterfugeLow key tension with an urban beat underneath.

Jazz / blues / funk / Rock

The Blues.  A slow blues song.

Late Night Talk ShowSounds like Letterman.

Funky FluteFunk band with solo flute.  This composition actually won runner-up in  a music contest.  Woot!

World  / ethnic

Middle Easternish PopCheeky end-credit music for the film, “The Scroll,” incorporating various themes and musical elements from the film.

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Steady JourneySlow developing theme with African percussion and vocals and ethnic flutes.

A Bit of BollywoodBollywood meets an urban beat:  Indian sitar and tabla with strings and  an urban groove.  A cue for the film “Saidi’s Song.”

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Gentle Acoustic BandClave and upright bass provide the Latin beat (“Son”) for this arrangement for violin, guitar, bass, and percussion.  Music for the film “Saidi’s Song.”


Wailin’ Rock GuitarHavin’ some fun with a Strat.

Light and AiryLight-hearted orchestral music.

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Below are all the composition samples available on this site.  Please click on the title of the work to hear the example.  They are organized into the following categories (click on words to jump to location):


“The trouble with real life is that there’s no danger music.”  -- Jim Carrey, from The Cable Guy.

Moods / atmospheres:
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Lighten It UpJazzy, light arrangement written as a demo for the film “Finding Bliss.”  Listen to it with and without dialogue.

70’s Funk Action Cue.    A 70’s funk cue, featuring horns.

Jazzy Prowl  Jazz combo featuring flute and guitar.

Darkened PlainOrchestral; ominous and mysterious.

Cool Tension.  Featuring electronic elements, synth, and orchestra. 

In a Secret WorldMusic that is both comic and mysterious.