The several compositions I wrote for the G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles PC game feature moody cello, dulcimer, orchestra and choir.  Visit the developers’ site here (Aisle 5 Games).  You can listen to a full composition from the game here.

Music I wrote collaboratively with famed video game composer Tommy Tallarico is featured on the XBox game Advent Rising.  “Poeta”, a dramatic orchestral composition, appears on the Advent Rising soundtrack, available on Amazon and iTunes.  Listen to “Poeta” here.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.”  --  Berthold Auerbach

Upcoming project:  Working on another episode of Rawman and Green-Girl, an animation series that follows the adventures of two eco-superheroes.  The newest installment on this series is titled “Rawman and Green-Girl vs The Pasteurizer.” Read more about it (and contribute toward the cause) here.  You can view the previous episode here; this episode is described by the Pasadena Weekly  as featuring “the intrepid couple doing battle against Big Pharma Seed, whose CEO becomes a monster after eating tomatoes grown from genetically engineered seeds.”

Ocean Survivor, an on-line game promoting ocean conservation and for which I wrote the in-game music, is featured on nearly 150 gaming sites around the world and has been played well over a million times.  It has been covered by many environmental news organizations including PLENTY, Grist, and EIN News.

Read my article on how to find the right composer for your film for, a site that functions as a clearinghouse of information for those wishing to break into the entertainment industry.  Find it here.

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